Thursday, 14 April 2011

Celebrity Look: TOWIE's Jessica

Hello everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead? It's been really great to see your feedback regarding footwear and we will be taking on board everything you say to make sure we have a fabulous - and comfortable - collection!

Have all of you been watching The Only Way Is Essex? It has to be seen to be believed, but it's been a huge TV hit in the past few months. I actually live in the same area as the cast, but believe me my life is NOTHING like that! However, I really liked Mark's sister Jessica's outfit this week...

Jess' maxi dress is by Ax Paris, who actually make clothes in plus sizes for us! So I dug around, and found a really sweet and similar outfit here at Yours:

This is a perfect outfit for spring, especially paired with some gold sandals like Jess! Hope you like the outfit as much as me - remember you can always leave a comment, tweet me or leave a message on our facebook page, can't wait to chat!

Lots of love, and have a fab weekend!

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