Friday, 24 October 2008

Luscious Lingerie for Plus-Size Lovelies

From a young age I have always been taught the importance of taking pride in wearing pretty underwear and how it makes you feel instantly brighter and more confident. As an awkward fourteen year old, it seemed a little far-fetched, one of many charming myths passed down from mother to daughter, but in time I began to realise that such a mantra is, in fact, absolute truth. Contrary to popular belief, wearing sensual lingerie should not necessarily be for the purpose of seducing loved ones. To feel that you have made the effort to embrace your femininity with the first and most intimate layer you adorn is a satisfying feeling. Furthermore, knowing that you look great underneath the outfit you have chosen to face the world with is a lovely secret to enjoy all day long!

While this theory of wearing matching underwear, indulging in lace and satin and gazing into your lingerie draw with girly delight daily is a nice thought, in theory is it really achievable? With frivolous underwear ranges, we are often faced with excessive prices and as all plus-sized women will no doubt agree that finding feminine yet comfortable styles in larger sizes is often a challenging task. Well ladies, this season, we at YOURS are proud and excited to offer you the most beautiful range of specialist plus-sized lingerie and all at unbeatable value. In sizes from 38D to 46G and 14 to 32, there’s sure to be a style to set your pulse rating and re-ignite that feminine thrill that comes with treating yourself to such gorgeous garments. So now there’s no excuse not to embrace your curves and feel sexy and confident all day long. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy making the effort to such an extent that you’ll pass it down to the young women in your family too?!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Clothing Created to Celebrate Curves!

During the past decade or so, while us women have been keen to assert ourselves as independent and strong, fashion has predictably followed suit. Sharp tailoring and power dressing has dominated much of our work wear while casual outfits have been largely based on slouchy trousers and motif T-shirts. Though these styles continue to be popular, I’m pleased to say that this season they are joined by trends which shun masculine influences in favour of all things feminine. At last us curvy girls can embrace our womanly shape with pride and style and help lead this revolution of femininity. Shape, colour and detail are all experiencing somewhat of a womanly comeback for autumn/winter and into spring.

Black Tuxedo SkirtLow cut, ‘skinny’ jeans are less prominent in today’s fashion climate. High waisted, boot-cut trousers which comfortably hug the hips and create an hourglass silhouette are the trousers of choice. The same with skirts; the black skirt pictured left for example offers comfort and style rather than the recent trend of wearing skirts low on the hips, emphasising our widest part! Tops too are beginning to make a return to their feminine roots. Purple Stretch Batwing TopBlouses in soft sheer fabrics are everywhere this season while ‘batwing’ sleeves and halter-necks add extra softness and a flattering shape.

Besides shape, colour has also fallen under this feminine spell. Purple is the big colour story this season. From lilacs to violets to mauves to lavenders, these pretty shades automatically offer a way to embrace our womanly shape and enhance any skin tone. Teamed with black or grey, purple is a must for every wardrobe and it looks as if it’s around to stay into next season too!Purple Ruffled Chiffon Blouse If you’re not a fan of purple, try a splash of red or pink. Again, these tones compliment most skin tones and brighten up any look.

For even more ways to make the most of your womanly curves, look out for some gorgeous detailing this season including lace panels, bead and sequin embellishments and the ultimate feminine feature; frills! The texture and detail of our outfits is what will really make the difference leading up to Christmas. Check out all the products shown here and hundreds of more at . I don’t know about you, but with so many wonderful ways to enjoy our femininity through fashion in the coming months, I’m feeling eternally grateful to be a woman!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Making the Look Yours…On Location!

A few weeks ago I offered readers a chance to learn a little more about the internet operation at Yours Clothing HQ. This week, I thought it would give you all another sneaky peek at what goes on behind the scenes. This time, not in the offices of Yours, but on location!

Every now and then we take our two fantastic models Michelle and Amy out and about to capture some shots of our hot new plus size fashion being worn in the ‘real world’. While these shoots are crucial in our marketing process to offer our customers some outfit inspiration and a sense of how the clothes will look in a natural setting, we also have tremendous fun and a few escapades along the way. Here are a few examples from this week’s shoot.

As some of you may have seen, the new photograph on our homepage shows the two girls on railway platform, just one of the settings we chose to promote this season’s plus size clothing collections. What you do not see through this great shot however, is the way in which we managed to capture it. We couldn’t seem to find the correct way into the station so the four of us (Michelle, Amy, our photographer Marzena and I) rather inelegantly clambered over a four foot metal fence in order to pose in the perfect spot. Having managed to reach the platform, we then rather frustratingly saw that the actual entrance to the station was a mere fifty yards further along the fence! Nevertheless, the pictures were well worth our acrobatics and show off our gorgeous purple check ladies shirts which will be hitting the internet soon!

One major uncontrollable issue which we often face on these shoots is the weather. On this occasion, it was the old British classic, a rather hasty bout of heavy rain. While this isn’t so much of a problem when you have nearby cover or are on an indoor shoot, when you’re in the middle of a park with valuable camera equipment and perfectly quaffed models who understandably fear the dreaded frizzy hair syndrome, its far from ideal. As this picture shows, the only option was to cover up as much as possible and make a frantic dash to the car!

Having dried off and freshened up, it was back to work with the next set of photos being taken in front of the beautiful lake in our local park. Luckily the rain had subsided but the wind had picked up and not only did we have climate issues to face, but it seemed that we had caused quite a stir amongst the feathered creatures of the lake! Geese, ducks, swans and Canadian geese became increasingly interested in what we were up to and decided to come and investigate. While Amy and I were less than welcoming and took the decision to flee at top speed, Michelle and Marzena held their nerve and successfully scared the fowl off. Crisis averted, we successfully captured some more great shots of our favourite plus size clothing from the Yours Autumn/Winter collection.

So, next time you see some promotional shots on our website or in-store, bare in mind that at times the picture may not paint a thousand words but believe me, the stories are plentiful!