Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Viva Acappella! - Sweet Adelines Gold Medal Champion Chorus 2012

Last year we were approached by Viva Acappella, a group of fresh and exciting harmony singers with a huge passion for 'fabulous singing', they needed a new outfit for a big competition they just had at the start of May. Of course Yours Clothing was there to help.

This is the lovely email we received from Viva Acappella.

After buying a sample dress, I showed the chorus and.. they loved it! It flattered everyone's shape and made everyone feel special! We then went on to purchase the dresses as our new stage outfit.

We are members of an organisation called Sweet Adelines (founded in America) and we have just returned from the European Convention and..Viva Acappella won Gold in our small chorus division and best of all...we broke a record and became the first 'small chorus' to win the competition outright!  Two Gold medals in one day!

Anyway, the reason for my email is to tell you that we had soooooo many compliments on the dresses.  Lots of other choruses loved them and the judges described them as sophisticated and sassy!

The only thing that we added to the dresses, was some fringing on the bottom and top as the judges like to see the tops of the arms covered.

As a result of our win we are off to Hawaii next year to compete at the International competition..I will definitely consider coming back to you to pick our next outfit!

Check out the ladies looking lovely in their Yours Clothing dresses, we think you look stunning, congratulations on your win and good luck in Hawaii!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Perfect plus size summer dresses

Yey! The sun is shining at last! And if you are feeling, hot, hot, hot, then now is the time to bare some flesh – and what better way to stay cool, yet stylish, than with a dress?
Here at YOURS CLOTHING, we have the perfect plus size summer dresses especially for you. Whether you are looking for a midi, maxi or mini, YOURS CLOTHING has the answer.
Our fashionable, plus size dresses come in all shapes, lengths and prints to suit women with curves.
Here’s how to pick the right dress for your body shape:

Plus size summer dress for short, curvy women

Enjoy the floral prints in a micro print or paisley style to flatter your figure as big flowers can work against your size.

Avoid full-length dresses by balancing out your figure with an above the knee style.

The best cuts are a V-neck to draw attention upward and elongate the torso.

This plus size floral dress will flatter shorter women with curves.

 Plus size summer dresses for tall, curvy women

A halter-neck style will show off sculptured shoulders and arms. Any fitted fabrics around the chest and upper waist are also great picks for women with curves, since they create a slight silhouette for a more pulled together look.
Maxi dresses are especially flattering but choose one which will accentuate your best feature. If you want to emphasise your bust, choose a halter or bandeau style.
Since the maxi dress is not fitted from head to toe, pick a dress that is tighter around your best attribute.

Below, is a selection of some our favourite plus size dresses which we think you will love too.

These plus size dresses are some of our favourites, available now from Yours Clothing.  
These dresses range from £40 to £35 and are perfect for summer days and nights.

Friday, 18 May 2012

“I’d like to return this please”- Yours Clothing Returns Procedure

If you are reading this then it means that you, like me, love a bit of online shopping with Yours; and who wouldn’t. After all you have far more choice as the website isn’t limited by space like the stores and has such an extensive range of items that get delivered right to your door; true convenience. The only snag is that you can’t try on the items before you actually buy them to see about the style, fit and sizing.

At times I have browsed the website and thought “that looks great”, so I order it in what I think is my size, it arrives promptly, I’m all excited, I slip it on and then my next thought is “is that really what it looks like on…oh no”.   It can be too small and so seems to emphasise every single flaw in my body and to my horror even seems to create new ones, or too big which briefly makes me smile as I think my rabbit food diet and hard core gym sessions are paying off but the item does not flatter me at all. Or even the shape and style just doesn’t suit and I think “pfft looked good on the model... they must have photo-shopped her this looks awful”.  So in these circumstances I really have two options; either keep it and just shove it to the back of the wardrobe never to see daylight, or return it which fortunately is a relatively simple thing to do with Yours Clothing.

Within my parcel I now have a returns form entitled “Introducing our new returns procedure”. Looks simple enough I just right in the products that I’m returning and the reason why. It asks for an order ID number which I find is written on my invoice and also asks for my surname and postcode… obviously I know what they are, I’d be concerned if I didn’t.  Right seems to be all in order now to just send it to them.

When I placed the order I did purchase a pre-paid returns label, which turns out to be a collect+ label… not had one of these before. Fortunately on the label it tells me how to find out my nearest collect+ location by going on the Collect+ website and entering my postcode, and with over 4000 locations I’m sure there’s got to be one close-by… and there is, at my local newsagents. Turns out these labels cannot be used at the Post Office, not a problem because I can get some little nibbles from the newsagents, much tastier than buying stamps. So I take it to the newsagents and am given a receipt with a tracking number, this is quite a good service and for £1.49 cheaper than the Post Office to.

If you don’t purchase a collect+ label for whatever reason then you can pay to return it at the Post Office or you can go to the collect+ website and buy a label for £3.99. It’s a little bit annoying as you don’t know if you want to return the items before you have actually received them and so don’t know whether to risk buying the label in advance or not. From my experience I’d say get it... it’s valid for 21 days so you can always use it on your next purchase, or just post the label back to Yours and they will refund the £1.49.

Once Yours received my return they sent me an email to notify me about my refund and how long it will take. The email seems to also mention something about opting for credit. This is where the return value is put in to your “Yours Account” rather than back to your bank account, allowing you to order the other item using the credit rather than your card. The added bonus to using credit that the delivery charge is automatically half price, so standard delivery is only £2… “Can’t get much for £2 these days” my Grandma would say so that’s a real bargain.

All in all I think that the returns procedure that Yours are offering is pretty simple and effective. The company has never and probably will never offer free returns as they explain that the costs of the products will have to increase to swallow the costs of the returns service, which makes sense to me. Obviously my lazy side wants my return parcel to be collected, but this collect+ service is a great alternative and is probably much cheaper than what that service would cost if it were ever provided. So overall purchasing items just takes a few simple clicks and returning them takes a few simple steps.

For more information on our returns procedure click here.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Be patriotic in 2012 with our plus size range of clothes

It has never been cooler to be British than in 2012 - the year we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games being held in London.
Everywhere you look people are celebrating being British – and nowhere more so than on the high street, where red, white and blue dominates.
Fashion is flying the British flag with Union Jack motifs being found on everything from bras and pants to t-shirts and jumpers.

Here at YOURS CLOTHING, we believe plus size fashion should be affordable and fashionable, and we have embraced this feeling of patriotism with a range of clothes, designed specifically for women with curves, in the red, white and blue theme.

All our clothes are made to fit the fuller figure, starting at a 14 and going up to a 32. We have plus size tops featuring the royal emblem and Union Flag designs; and plenty of plus size clothing, including trousers, tunics, jackets and t-shirts, in red, white and blue, which you can purchase to create your own outfits.

More plus size clothing, which celebrate being British, will be arriving shortly – with t-shirts, in a size 14-32, featuring English bull dogs, old red telephone boxes and London buses.

So check out our website to make sure you keep up with the British trend.

Our plus size maternity range has arrived

Yours Clothing has just launched a new maternity range for plus size women called Mama by Yours!

It is hard to stay fashionable when you are pregnant, and even harder when you are plus size, but Mama by Yours will help you stay on trend without breaking the bank. We have developed a great value and fashionable range designed especially for plus size pregnant women.You can still look and feel gorgeous even when pregnant with our plus size maternity range. 

Comfort is key when you are pregnant, ever piece in our plus size maternity collection is designed with you and your bump in mind. We are always adding to our growing collection of maternity clothes on a weekly basis.

Our stylish and comfortable tops are designed specifically for the fuller figure and will adapt with your growing bump!

Our new plus size maternity range, Mama by Yours, includes fashionable tops for every day, featuring fun slogans such as Kick Me Baby One More Time and Love My Bump, and also more formal tops, which can be worn for work, or even a night out. There are some in animal and floral print, others in bright colours including pink and aqua, all in a size 14 to 32.

We will be adding products to our plus size maternity collection, Mama by Yours, over the coming weeks and months to provide fashionable clothes for women with curves during their pregnancy. Keep you eye out for plus size maternity jeans, dresses, trousers and jackets.

So if you’re pregnant and need some new clothes, make sure you shop our Mama by Yours, range now.

View our full range now here.