Friday, 16 November 2012

Watch to win, Yours Clothing TV advert

We wanted you be the first to know about our TV advert which is launching on Monday!

We hope you are all as excited as us to be airing our first TV advert.
We have adverts nationally and also some prime spots in the Yorkshire area! Below are a few of the programmes you will see our advert on!

Station Day Date Time Programme
C5TV MON 19/11/2012 1045 THE WRIGHT STUFF
ITV- Yorkshire MON 19/11/2012 1110 THIS MORNING
ITV- Yorkshire MON 19/11/2012 1255 LOOSE WOMEN
C5 MON 19/11/2012 1330 HOME AND AWAY
REALLY MON 19/11/2012 1511 Bank of Mum and Dad  
ITV- Yorkshire MON 19/11/2012 2045 CORONATION STREET
ITV- Yorkshire TUE 20/11/2012 0940 JEREMY KYLE
ITV2 TUE 20/11/2012 1045 JUDGE JUDY
ITV- Yorkshire TUE 20/11/2012 1255 LOOSE WOMEN
ITVBNET WED 21/11/2012 0845 LORRAINE
REALLY WED 21/11/2012 1026 Casualty
STYLE WED 21/11/2012 1128 HOW DO I LOOK
REALLY WED 21/11/2012 1314 Cheaters
ITV- Yorkshire WED 21/11/2012 1328 LOOSE WOMEN
ITV- Yorkshire THU 22/11/2012 1010 JEREMY KYLE
C5TV THU 22/11/2012 1030 THE WRIGHT STUFF
ITV2 THU 22/11/2012 1115 JUDGE JUDY
ITV- Yorkshire FRI 23/11/2012 1110 THIS MORNING
C5 FRI 23/11/2012 1125 THE HOTEL INSPECTOR
5* FRI 23/11/2012 1510 NEIGHBOURS
5* FRI 23/11/2012 1615 GILMORE GIRLS
ITV- Yorkshire SAT 24/11/2012 1040 JEREMY KYLE USA
STYLE SAT 24/11/2012 1048 TIA AND TAMERA
REALLY SAT 24/11/2012 1126 Grey s Anatomy
5* SUN 25/11/2012 1325 STUART LITTLE 3: CALL OF THE WILD
ITV- Yorkshire SUN 25/11/2012 1530 X FACTOR REPEAT
5* SUN 25/11/2012 1615 CHUCK

If you miss it you can always check out the TV advert here..

We are also running a competition to win £250 worth of products from, to enter the competition click here.

We have make it easier for you to shop your favourite pieces from the advert, take a peek here..

We hope you all are as excited as us about this huge step for Yours Clothing and will share in the excitement. We would love to hear from all of you who have watched the advert and what you think.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

“I’d review Yours at 5 Stars...what about you?”

It’s getting to that time of the year when we’re getting the post summer blues as the nights draw in and the sky is full of those depressing grey clouds. Being British the worst of this has been avoided by the fact that we have had an awful summer where if you blink to quickly you missed the sunshine and warmth. As my bucket and spade collected dust and flip flops sat with their price tag still hanging, I could have started to get bored and twiddle my thumbs... instead my bank account bore the brunt as I shopped and shopped online with Yours Clothing.

Now coming to Autumn I want something warm to wear so I had a browse on my favourite site... is it sad that Yours is now my home page? When I think Autumn I automatically think knitwear and itchy cardigans. My dear old Gran would just say “at least you’ll be warm”, and I’d mutter to myself “I’ll also have no skin left as I have scraped and clawed it away because it’s so darn ITCHY”. Perhaps the more practical of readers would say “just wear a long sleeve top underneath”, I didn’t like this either as I tend to get hot with lots of layers and peeling knitwear off seems to make my hair stand on end and crackle as the static makes me look like I’m Sideshow Bob..

So I faced my fears and looked in the knitwear and cardigans section and immediately saw that picture of the model with the Panda jumper. Now normally jumpers with big animal faces would not be my thing, but look at it (item 43359), it’s cute, and by the picture alone I would give it 5 stars. My eyes lit up, and my card shrunk in fear in my purse as I knew I wanted that jumper... it’s not there. It’s ok my heart can return to a normal pace as I can see it’s in the coming soon section and I have set my email up so I will be notified the moment it comes in. The coming soon section even shows the dates that some of the items are due in, and so it is very useful.

I’ll just have to find something else to order in the mean time... it’s a hard life. I do like the Oatmeal cable knitted tunic (42704), and its short sleeve, so warm but will spare my poor arms the grief of itching them.

I’ve got some leggings I can wear with them already, but I need something to complete the autumn look, and what better way than some boots. Despite all the summer Olympic action inspiring me to want to get fit and have the body of Jessica Ennis, in reality I’m no slimmer and my legs are as squishy as ever. In the past fitting boots on my leg is like trying to close an over packed suitcase to go on holiday; squishing and squeezing with some unpleasant grown whilst I pry the zip up my leg. Only for it to get stuck halfway... I now have a muffin top on my leg... on my leg for goodness sake... How is that even possible? My ankle looks stunning in the boots, but my calf seems to be billowing out the top and the material is stretched I’m worried it’s gonna shatter across the shop... I’ll just take them off I think. Despite this I thought I’d brave it and try a pair of Yours boots. With them being available in XL and XXL calf sizes I’m confident that even my chubby legs will be ok. Plus I read through the customer reviews and they are popular and no-one seems to say they can’t fit them on.

I love having a browse through the customer reviews. I’m as reliant on them for my clothes as I am for buying things on other sites like electrical goods or even booking holidays... we all know what sites I’m referring to. They provide an unbiased view on how the products really fit and what shape they suit; like when people say if they are clingy or long or if the pattern differs to the one on the model. Now I can’t find any really bad reviews of the items, so it appears that some filtering has been done, but who came blame Yours for that. It seems that as long as you are constructive in what you say they will accept it. So if you are reading this then I assume that you are also a customer of Yours (I personally challenge anyone to have more of their items in their wardrobe than me though), then please write reviews. I’m short, “curvy” to say the least and it’s the reviews that help me try and find things that suit my shape, and to get an honest view of how they fit. Get those fingers tapping on your keyboards and review, review, review.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Yours Clothing new wide fitting boots now available.

Yours Clothing are pleased to announce the arrival of our new leather long boots which are now available in two calf fittings.
Many plus size women struggle to find good quality and comfortable long boots which not only fit but flatter the fuller calf, do not panic, Yours Clothing are here to help.
We are now offering both XL and XXL calf fittings
Below are the measurements to help you choose the right boots for you.
 XL CALF FIT -  SIZE 4 = 426MM, SIZE 5 = 434MM, SIZE 6 = 442MM, SIZE 7 = 450MM, SIZE 8 = 458MM AND SIZE 9 = 466MM.
XXL CALF FIT – SIZE 4 = 446MM, SIZE 5 = 454MM, SIZE 6 = 462MM, SIZE 7 = 470MM, SIZE 8 = 478MM AND SIZE 9 = 486MM.
We have a wide range of long boots for the fuller figured woman from leather riding boots to leather heeled boots.
To view our full range of long leather boots click here.
We also have a new range of ankle boots from Leopard print to Berry suedette pixie boot to help you step into the Autumn/Winter 2012 season.

All of our boots are available from a size 4 to a size 9 and in EEE fit. Our wide fitting boots will not only leave you looking fashionable and on trend this season but also fit and flatter your feet.
To view our full range of ankle boots click here.

Our Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue has arrived!

Great news, our Autumn/Winter catalogue has arrived!

Shop the latest trends and styles for the autumn/winter 2012 season in our latest catalogue. Including the arrival of our new LUXE range, the perfect fit denim, coats and boots for the cooler weather.

Shop today our online catalogue for the perfect plus size clothes in sizes 14-32 from the best value plus size retailer, Yours Clothing.

Here is a little sneak previous of what to expect from our autumn/winter catalogue.

Click here to view the catalogue for yourself.


Your favourite Yours Clothing items

We love to see pictures of you all wearing your favourite Yours Clothing items. We thought we would share with you some of our favourites from the past few months.


This black lace back dress with a dipped back really suits Laura, it was great to hear that she felt really confident in the dress; we can see why she looks fab.


This lace back, dipped hem plus size dress is still in stock and available in sizes 16 to 26, it is also available in purple. It fits and flatters the fuller figure but also adds a touch of glam and femininity with the lace back. Falling just below the knee, this plus size LBD will suit any curvy figure. Perfectly paired with some black or brightly coloured court shoes you could wear this plus size dress on a night out or any party.



We love Екатерина’s style; here she has posted two photos of her favourite Yours Clothing items.

This plus size beige purple butterfly print dress with a peter pan collar looks perfect paired with dark tights and leather ankle boots. It is so versatile and can be dressed up for an evening out or down for an autumn walk like Екатерина has styled it.

Click here to view this butterfly print dress

Ideal for work or play, this dreamy plus size butterfly dress comes with a Peter Pan collar, smartening up the look for the office. Show off your waist by using the tie back and team with flats for daytime chic. If you're after a dressier look, team this butterfly dress with beige tights, brown shoes and a gorgeous clutch bag.

We have a wide range of buttery print tunic dresses available in pinks, browns and purple. Click here to view all our plus size butterfly dresses.

Екатерина has also shared a picture of her in one of our cartoon print t-shirts, this plus size Sylvester the cat t-shirt with rolled back 3/4 length sleeves is perfect for cooler days. It has been paired with leggings and a splash of colour with the shoes and clutch bag.


We have a wide range of plus size character and cartoon print t-shirt available, to view them all click here.

Adelaide sent in this picture of her looking glamorous and classic in our Black Ponte dress with button detailing, paired with black court shoes.


This plus size dress is a must have wardrobe staple, it can be dressed up with heels and brightly coloured accessories and a clutch bag or dressed down with tights, flat shoes or pumps and a cardigan for work.

This black dress is available in sizes 16-32 and will suit all shapes and sizes due to its flattering fit which will glide over any lumps and bumps. You have to agree this looks gorgeous on Adelaide.


Joanna has sent this picture in of her in one of our most popular sale dresses. We love how Joanna has brought out the colours in this navy dress with the yellow belt, which also accentuates her waist.

This charming, vintage-style, floral tea dress is inspired by the 1940s but brought bang up to date by the gorgeous print and fit. The shirt dress really makes the most of your curves by being fitted at the waist, and is ideal for warmer days thanks to the light fabric and button detail. It also can be paired with a chunky knit cardigan and leggings for the cooler days.


This plus size floral shirt dress with button detail is currently available in sizes 16-32.

We love to hear from you all and see pictures of your favourite Yours Clothing items, post your photos on Facebook or email them across to Charlotte.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Viva Acappella! - Sweet Adelines Gold Medal Champion Chorus 2012

Last year we were approached by Viva Acappella, a group of fresh and exciting harmony singers with a huge passion for 'fabulous singing', they needed a new outfit for a big competition they just had at the start of May. Of course Yours Clothing was there to help.

This is the lovely email we received from Viva Acappella.

After buying a sample dress, I showed the chorus and.. they loved it! It flattered everyone's shape and made everyone feel special! We then went on to purchase the dresses as our new stage outfit.

We are members of an organisation called Sweet Adelines (founded in America) and we have just returned from the European Convention and..Viva Acappella won Gold in our small chorus division and best of all...we broke a record and became the first 'small chorus' to win the competition outright!  Two Gold medals in one day!

Anyway, the reason for my email is to tell you that we had soooooo many compliments on the dresses.  Lots of other choruses loved them and the judges described them as sophisticated and sassy!

The only thing that we added to the dresses, was some fringing on the bottom and top as the judges like to see the tops of the arms covered.

As a result of our win we are off to Hawaii next year to compete at the International competition..I will definitely consider coming back to you to pick our next outfit!

Check out the ladies looking lovely in their Yours Clothing dresses, we think you look stunning, congratulations on your win and good luck in Hawaii!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Perfect plus size summer dresses

Yey! The sun is shining at last! And if you are feeling, hot, hot, hot, then now is the time to bare some flesh – and what better way to stay cool, yet stylish, than with a dress?
Here at YOURS CLOTHING, we have the perfect plus size summer dresses especially for you. Whether you are looking for a midi, maxi or mini, YOURS CLOTHING has the answer.
Our fashionable, plus size dresses come in all shapes, lengths and prints to suit women with curves.
Here’s how to pick the right dress for your body shape:

Plus size summer dress for short, curvy women

Enjoy the floral prints in a micro print or paisley style to flatter your figure as big flowers can work against your size.

Avoid full-length dresses by balancing out your figure with an above the knee style.

The best cuts are a V-neck to draw attention upward and elongate the torso.

This plus size floral dress will flatter shorter women with curves.

 Plus size summer dresses for tall, curvy women

A halter-neck style will show off sculptured shoulders and arms. Any fitted fabrics around the chest and upper waist are also great picks for women with curves, since they create a slight silhouette for a more pulled together look.
Maxi dresses are especially flattering but choose one which will accentuate your best feature. If you want to emphasise your bust, choose a halter or bandeau style.
Since the maxi dress is not fitted from head to toe, pick a dress that is tighter around your best attribute.

Below, is a selection of some our favourite plus size dresses which we think you will love too.

These plus size dresses are some of our favourites, available now from Yours Clothing.  
These dresses range from £40 to £35 and are perfect for summer days and nights.