Friday, 23 January 2009

Spring is Coming...Plus Size Style Tips to Get you Ready!

Although it’s hard to believe at the moment as we look out of the window onto a miserable, cold, rainy scene but spring really is on its way! This always comes as a welcome arrival and as the sun begins to reappear our attention turns to the most enjoyable part of a change in season: A wardrobe update! I’m very pleased to tell you that this spring there are some gorgeous fashions emerging and, for the plus size clothes market, close attention to pattern and shape means that we can all feel feminine, confident and ready to fully embrace the season. Here at Yours Clothing we are particularly excited about our coming collections, the most fashion inspired and best value to date!

While we’re eagerly anticipating the new collections to arrive, there are some great ways for us all to prepare our wardrobe for a top-up. Here are my top 3 ways to get yourself and your wardrobe ready for spring:

1. Have a good clear out – There are certain items we all own that we simply can’t bring ourselves to throw away. This spring, many garments from last year will still be wearable with a new twist so there’s no need to be brutal. However it is important to keep your look fresh so if there are any wardrobe horrors lurking about then now’s the time to chuck them out! A good clear out can instantly make you feel ready for a little modernisation.

2. Stock up on great value staples – At the moment, while there aren’t too many gorgeous spring prints and styles about to distract you, have a quick check to see if you need to stock up on or replace some key wardrobe items. For example, us curvy ladies always need a good pair of black bootleg trousers and a pair of flattering jeans. Investing in these must-have pieces now will mean that you can treat yourself to ‘fashion’ items throughout the year with confidence that you will have something to wear them with! Check out the great range of plus-size trousers and jeans at today.

3. Choose your style – There are some key trends which we will all be wearing this spring/summer and over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to them with some great tips on how to get the most out of the look. For the time being however, try and think about the look/style you would like to try out in the coming months. What is your wardrobe most lacking? Are you keen to progress at work and need to dress accordingly? Or, are you keen to try a completely new trend?! It’s important to have an idea of the look you are you looking for before the spring styles tempt you to buy anything too rashly.

With these simple rules, you should be ready when the time comes for a spring spree. Stay tuned for some spring trend exclusives over the next few weeks. Meanwhile I’m off to have a good clear out and a flick through some magazines for my very own new season wardrobe overhaul!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Plus-Size New Year Resolutions We Can All Enjoy!

So we’re two weeks into 2009 and already Christmas seems like a distant memory as do the ‘New Year’ promises and resolutions we no doubt made to ourselves in our merry festive mood. We all do it, promise to give up a bad habit or cut back on all the things we enjoy in order to gain confidence or feel proud of the way we look or act throughout the coming year. The problem I’ve always found with resolutions however is that they’re not enjoyable! Unless you really want to and feel ready to make that change then inevitably they fall by the wayside by about this time of year!

There are better ways to give yourself a lift or alter your demeanour and they all come from the attitude we take and the effort we make when we present ourselves to the world every day. Perhaps the best example is the way in which we dress. As plus-size women will know, clothing can become less of a delight and more of a challenge when womanly curves fail to inspire clothing companies to design exciting fashion for shapely ladies. However now there is an affordable way in which we can dress stylishly and keep that resolution to take more pride in the way we look no matter our size:

Yours Clothing has made their own resolution this year; to continue to cater for the Plus-Size clothing market with even more value, choice and cutting-edge fashion. Whether you feel that your work-wardrobe needs a lift to push you into going for that promotion or if you’re planning a big night out soon or if you simply wish to add a new twist to your day-to-day image, look no further! Over the next few weeks these blogs will keep you in the know when it comes to this season’s hot trends and the pick of the best plus-size fashion buys.

With these hints, new lines being added to every week and the spring collection arriving at the beginning of February, there’s never been a better time to make a resolution to update your look great and feel great in 2009.