Thursday, 25 March 2010

February Review Winners Announced!

The days are getting warmer and the sun has even dared to put it's hat on this week! There is a really great spring vibe here at Yours Clothing as it means we get to lose the hats, gloves and scarves and feel as though summer is well and truly coming. Better still, we don't have to hide our lovely clothes under heavy winter coats - hurrah!

Without further ado, here are the lucky winners of the February review contest. Winners, an email is working its way through the internet to give you a £25 Yours Clothing voucher!

If your review doesn't feature below then fear not, there is still time to submit reviews for your purchases for March and be in with a chance for winning one of our sought after £25 vouchers!

Anne – Finland

Purple Crochet Top

“This one was fantastic, good material and nice for work or party. Must buy black one also!”

Moni – Lancashire

Black PU bomber Jacket
“What you see... is exactly what you get. Love the jacket, comfy fit even if you have bigger upper arms. Well worth the money.”

Deborah – Glasgow

Boyfriend Jeans

“Fantastic... I love these jeans, great fit, lovely detail and perfect length.”

Leonie – Ely Cambs

Floral Keyhole Top

“I love this style so much that I bought it in four different fabrics! It has such a flattering hang to it, glides nicely off the hips and disguises the belly brilliantly. Feel very girlie in this one. And oh, the colours! I couldn't resist the black and green. Gorgeous!”

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring Jackets

Spring has truly sprung here at Yours headquarters. The sun is shining, the air is crisp and there are daffodils being sold at the shop down the road. It’s time to put away the big thick winter warmers and layer up with thinner materials so you can keep warm when spring winds blow and cool when the decides to shine.

You may remember your grandma saying “n’er cast a clout ‘til May be out” basically meaning ‘don’t ditch your vest until the start of June!’

Fashion always seems to obey this principle with layering always being in fashion so this is why we LOVE this PU zip up bomber jacket Great for the day and the night, this jacket is practical as well as stylish. At £38, this jacket gives its expensive leather counterparts a run for their money and has attracted glowing reviews from satisfied Yours Clothing customers. If you are trying to avoid wearing black this spring, you are in for a treat as we also sell this jacket in brown and ‘dove’ grey. Now, nobody needs to miss out on having the most stylish and useful item in their wardrobe.

Still feeling the cold a little? Pick up this red showerproof mac to get you through those April Showers AND save £26! If you are looking to stand out among the tulips this season then choose between red and black for a classically feminine shape this spring.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What to wear to a Spring wedding

We’re coming up to that magical time of year – wedding season. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the happy couple but a nightmare for guests who really don’t know what to wear. Traditionally, guests are meant to avoid wearing black (it indicates you disapprove of the nuptials) and obviously avoid white and off-white shades like cream, ecru etc as it may be seen as you trying to upstage the bride.

Also, some people suggest avoiding wearing red as they think it mocks the bride’s honour and says that you dispute the bride’s right to wear white! However, in this day and age, this is a pretty old idea but to be on the safe side, if you know the bride you should probably try and discuss your outfit. After all, she’ll probably be pleased that you want to look nice in her wedding photos.

So here are my top picks for guests who are racking their brains about what to wear to spring weddings.

This magenta mesh dress is a fantastic find for wedding guests. Flirty and girlie, our customers have already started ordering this dress for weddings and with a five star customer rating already, if you want to get your hands on this dress you will need to get in there quickly before we run out of stock. We also have it in peacock blue (in the sale at £10!) but only in a size 24. If you’re lucky enough to be that size then it must be fate and the dress is meant to be Yours! Is your favourite colour purple? Pick up a similar dress in purple and wow your friends.

Going for something a bit funkier? Take a look at this zebra print dress – but bear in mind, sizes are limited but you can send an email requesting a reminder for when we get things back in stock.

Layer up with this ruched back asymmetrical cardi. Just because the sun is shining this March/April it doesn’t mean the temperature gauge is showing results over 10oc! If purple doesn’t match your chosen outfit, we sell this little gem in black too. Customer reviews have been very positive with most very happy with the feel of the material – very important if you’re wearing a strapless number and have bare shoulders!

Now all that’s left to deliberate is how to catch that bouquet!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Healthy is perfect!

Nicola Roberts, the stunning redhead of the music act Girls Aloud has hit out against the media criticism she has faced regarding her slim figure.

The pint sized pop star claims to have never been a gym bunny, but Roberts doesn’t seem to give credit to the energetic dance routines performed on Girls Aloud tours over the last eight years.

Claiming “It’s irresponsible for people to obsess over it [her weight] because I don’t want girls to feel they have to be the same shape”, we couldn’t agree more.

There is a strange preoccupation amongst women to be the perfect size, but we are yet to live in a society where healthy should be seen as ‘perfect’.

At Yours Clothing, we sell clothes for down-to-earth real women. Girls who enjoy their lives without ridiculous body hang ups are way sexier than stick insects who restrict their lives to maintain a size 4 figure (are you listening Victoria Beckham?!)

Women are MEANT to be curvy, so don’t hide under shapeless clothes, pop on this eye-catching belt (pictured above) over the top of your favourite dress, jumper or shirt and show off your waist.

Also, if you want to make the most of having a gorgeous and womanly shape, wear a well-fitting bra that gives you a boost. If you’re looking for support, style and shape then you need to take a look at this polka dot bra (left) that has attracted rave reviews from customers who have dubbed it sexy, a good fit and a great price... and for £12, we’re thrilled that you love this bra too!